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CUSTOM CREATIONS has been awarded with the highest award Leer offers to their No.1 North American Dealers

Custom Creations Ltd. has the status of "Leer Authorized Platinum dealership"

Truck caps have become a dominant product category in the truck-accessory industry. More and more truck owners see the benefits of protecting their trucks and their cargo. They also realize that a well-designed fiberglass truck cap enhances the styling and usefulness of their vehicles.

At the same time, tests revealed that truck caps improved gas mileage by adding an aerodynamic element.


Truck caps became the single most cost-effective way to enhance the styling, value and usefulness of a pickup truck.

Custom Creations is the #1 Raider Dealer in Canada! We are also a proud dealer of Leer products! Each topper is manufactured for YOUR exact truck. 

Click on the logos below to search the different styles of toppers available.

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